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ASRT-Acupuncture Stress Relief Team
2213 E 38th St. Minneapolis, MN 55407

Free Healthcare for Responders of 35W Bridge Collapse

This message goes out to all the courageous responders, helpers, and heroes of the 35W bridge collapse... good samaritans, fire fighters, police officers. EMT personnel, and all first responders. You did amazing work and we would like to thank you for that.

You, yourself went through tremendous trauma seeing and experiencing the devastation, dealing with the helplessness and frustration, and giving everything you had. Now is the time to heal and take care of yourself.

We are a group of acupuncturists, ASRT (Acupuncture Stress Relief Team) and our focus is to get you back on track. Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine are very effective treatment aids for people experiencing post traumatic stress and other symptoms due to trauma. If you are dealing with stress, trauma, pain, insomnia, or are just not feeling like yourself, we are here to help. We would like to volunteer our time and services to help you cope.

We are setting up volunteer clinic hours every weekend starting September 8th, 2007. We will be running up to six months or longer and will be providing free acupuncture and therapeutic Chinese massage in a wonderful relaxing setting. We are also extending this invitation to all victims of the 35W bridge collapse, as well as their families.

We are ready, waiting and able to treat large quantities of people at one time. ASRT will be working out of Zheng-Qi Acupuncture Clinic located at 2213 E 38th St. in Minneapolis. Please contact Sabrina Miller L.Ac. at 612-558-1427 or Jennifer E. Winer L.Ac. at 612-226-8840 for more information.

To make a donation, please call Sabrina C. Miller at 612 558 1427 or send to:
Zhen-qi Acupuncture clinic
2213 E. 38th Street
MPLS MN 55407


Sabrina Miller L.Ac.
Jennifer E. Winer L.Ac.

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