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Classes and Workshops

Goddess Divine Dance

Divine Goddess classes starts March 21 every Wednesday at 7:15pm - 9pm


Goddess divine series #1
1. Meditation and movement series
This class will teach you

  • how to get in touch with your inner core center.
  • how to awaken your passion .
  • Channel your passion through movements into higher levels of awareness.
  • Create and build creative energy.

Feel and release energy through movement and sacred dance. Create and facilitate healing energy within your core center.

Classes are ongoing. Please call for days and times of classes.

Goddess Divine Series #2

Classes are every Friday 7.30pm - 9pm ongoing

2. Rejuvenation series

  • Belly dance within the magic of the Sacred rites.
  • Learn the Five sacred Rites originated in Tibet.
  • Five sacred exercises which move your life force energy through all your channels and meridians.
  • And speed up the spinning of your chakras.
  • Belly dance movements coincide with the Five Sacred Rites.
  • Food combination for ultimate rejuvenation.
  • This series of classes will teach you how to achieve a remarkable youthful appearance and feel deeply rejuvenated.
  • Correctly exercised these movements can reverse the aging process.
  • The five rites may alleviate certain health conditions such as:
    Arthritis, osteoporosis, digestive and bowel problems, menstrual and menopausal difficulties, back pain, stiffness of legs and neck, sinus congestion.

Classes are ongoing. Please call for days and times of classes.

Any questions call Sabrina C. Miller 612-558-1427

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