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Reflexology reduces stress in all parts of the body by generating deep, calm relaxation.
By applying direct pressure and essential oils to points on the feet or hands corresponding to stressed body areas, the tension is reduced and there is a resulting physiological change in the body.

What are Toxins?
Any substance that is harmfull to the cells, tissues and organs of the body are called toxins. Toxins mainly consist of chemicals ,bacteria, excess of proteins and wastes that are not expelled by the body. Normally the human body absorbs energy through the process of respiration and nutrition. During this process of metabolism, energy is released and waste products are produced to be expelled by the body.

Internal and External toxins

External Toxins

  • Pollution in the air, water , chemicals, insecticides, metals and pathogenic bacteria will get into our bodies through normal respiration and diet.

Internal Toxins

  • Excessive fats and proteins which are generated during the process of metabolism will turn into harmfull toxins if they tend to accumulate. Stress is also a kind of internal toxins. Stress causes physiological disorders and constipation. Improper diet, excessive high fat, oily fried food causes liver, spleen and stomach disorders, and this will affect the process of detoxification. On top of that, unhealthy (bad) lifestyles also contribute to the delay of detoxification.

    Both external and internal toxins will cause physiological disorders, and may damage the human organs, immune system and may cause serious health problems.

What are body toxins?
Body toxins are in fact excessive cations in the body. When there are excessive numbers of cations in the body, it will become more acidic and creates more opportunity for illnesses.

How Can We Know That The Human Body Contains Excessive Cations?
External reactions towards excessive cations in the body Pimples, patches, obesity, rough skin and lack of facial elasticity.

Internal reactions towards excessive cations in the body Fatigue, indigestion, poor appetite, headaches and dizziness, nervousness, poor response, weak resistibility, cold, constipation, intestinal and stomach malaise, abdominal distention, abdominal pain, muscle aches, and more.

The Detox Foot Spa
Trough an ionization process the Detox Spa helps the body to eliminate all build up toxins.

This remarkable footbath extracts built up toxins from the 2000 pores in your feet, and encourages faster and mor proper elimination, leaving you feeling renewed with more physical and mental energy.

In a relaxing 30-minute treatment, warm saltwater soothes your feet and leaves your body in an alkalized state.

To round up the detoxification process we also do an intake so that we can properly counsel you about dietary and lifestyle changes.

Ear Candling
Ear candles have been used to rid the body of dry cough, Tinnitus, Sinus Headaches and itchy ears.

As the Ear candle burns the gentle warm smoke softens and loosens ear wax, when it is drawn into the canal.. This form of osmosis removes candida, wax and other debris. All unwanted debri gathers into the remaining unburned portion of the candle.

SPECIAL: 30min of Reflexology!
$40 ($80 value)

If you have any more question please call me, 612.558.1427 Cornell sabrina Miller DOM, Lic.Acupuncturist.

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