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Facial Rejuvenation

Discover the Beauty of Acupuncture
Zhen Qi Acupuncture Clinic

Every day, your skin is abused by sun, wind, pollution, smoke and more…

Refresh and rejuvenate it at Zhen Qi Acupuncture Clinic.

Let us transport you on a healing journey with our one-of-a-kind
facial experience, where the stresses of the day fade away and you emerge
more renewed and radiant than ever before.

This six-step process is a traditional Chinese medical-based herbal
treatment that includes:
  • A consultation and treatment plan.
  • Gentle facial cleansing with flower essences, followed by an Asian facial massage to nourish spirit and body.
  • Accu-pressure or acupuncture on facial points to enhance the circulation of qi and blood so nutrients and oxygen are transported more easily to the cells. It will also be applied at key body points to enhance hormonal and physiological balance.
  • Facial herbal mask customized for your skin type.
  • Chinese herbal day cream.
  • Prescription beauty tea and food therapy to enjoy at home.

Cost: $120
Purchase five treatments and get one free!

Administered by Sabrina Cornell Miller, LAc
Director, Zhen Qi Acupuncture Clinic

Make your appointment today by calling 612-558-1427.
Gift certificates for acupuncture, massages and facials are always available!


There is something very special about Sabrina Miller and her clinic. I've traveled the world and it is always a blessing when you come across people like her. I met Sabrina in my "back-yard" at Minnehaha Park. I was going through a breakup and suffering from depression at the time and I felt as if she was an angel sent to me from above. She is an amazing HEALER and TEACHER and has helped and taught me so much about living my best life. I really appreciate the meditations that she would give me to work on during my acupuncture treatments. I have tapped into my inner and universal energies through the study of Reiki with her and loved her BELLY DANCING classes. She has helped me with differnt herbal supplements when conventional western pharmaceuticals were not doing the trick. She has a genuine heart and heals the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.
--- Niki B. Mpls,Mn ---

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