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Essential Oils and Acupuncture
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Applying essential oils is an ancient and effective modality. Essential oils are knowing as powerful therapeutic agents. Their come with an multimillennium-long history of use in healing and anointing throughout the ancient world. Frankincense, myrrh, lotus,cedarwood and sandalwood oils were widely used in ancient Egyptian purification and embalming rituals. Also the bible mentions the use of some of these powerful oils. Cinnamon, clove and lemon were used as antiseptics hundreds of years befor the development of todays synthetic medicines.

Essential oils are used for, First aid, Stress Management, Pain Management and to improve the quality of your life, living to your peak performance.

Aromatic science is a new field of research that is rediscovering the many health benefits of aroma therapy once lost in antiquity but are now being verified and refined by modern studies. Combining Acupuncture and essential oils creates the most powerful treatments healing and recovery results.

Applying the specifically needed essential oils to specific acupuncture points magnifies the potential of both healing modalities.

Once the oils are on the acu points the chemical structure immediately penetrates cell membranes, the Qi (energy stimulated by the needles) carries it to the blood and tissues to enhance cellular function. With dramatic benefits to the patient, not alone that it helps with disease, infections and pain it also reliefs mental difficulties and deep seeded emotional trauma.

Check back on this page were different essential oils will be introduced for your benefit. Also through a consultation we can determine which essential oil or combination oils fits best within your healing journey! Call if any questions arise.

Peppermint Oil

Mentha piperita. Family: Lamiacceae

History: Mints have been collected and cultivated for their health and medicianal benefits in many places including China, Japan, Egypt and the Holy Land. A type of mint has been found in Egyptian tombs dating 1000 B.C. Properties: Cooling, antiviral,neurotonic, decongesting, penetrating and stimulating to the heart, brain, liver and pancreas. Menthone, a compound found only in peppermint oil, has the highest penetration rate into human tissue of any knowing substance. When applied with other oils, it carries the deep into the body. When used with drugs, it tends to lessen the amount of the drug necessary.

Chemistry: Menthol34-44%(an alcohol) and Menthone 12-20% (a ketone), plus more than 30types of monoterpenes 6-15%, Sesquiterpenes 5-10% and Esters 4-9%

Uses: Indigestion, acid reflux disease, regulation of ovarien hormones, respiratory decongestant, headache relief, clearing sinuses. Inhaling improves concentration and memory especially of learning material. It repels mice, fleas and ants. Breath freshener. Use as a penetrating oil for tight screws and bolts.

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