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About Reiki

REIKI 1 Healing Training

Traditional Usui Reiki classes

REI-KI= Spiritually guided- Life force energy

Reiki is a holistic healing art for stress reduction, relaxation and spiritual growth. It is a method of amplifying our inner healing light, which is knowing of "KI" nourishes our physical body and helps to balance our mental and emotional energy. Many people also find that Reiki is a form of divine healing love which helps them deepen their awareness of their innate spirituality.

When we are able to relax, release stress and become totally calm and energetically clear, we move into that place of peace which allows us to touch into our inner healing power.

Become a certified Reiki Practitioner

A Reiki Attunement is like a special and very sacred meditation. The purpose of a Reiki Attunement is, to bring us into a harmonious relationship with the Reiki energy and to help lift the veils and filters we may be holding between our personality/ ego and our God self.

In REIKI 1 you open the doorway to an endless path of discovery.

With your Reiki attunement your capacity to channel Reiki is permanently aligned and cleared to begin healing yourself, others, plants, animals everything you touch. You learn about Energy healing in general and the role, history and philosophy of Reiki within that realm.

You learn the five Reiki principles in Japanese and you will learn up to 7 of Usui"s practical, specialized healing techniques including

  • Joshin Kokyuu-Ho to purify and boost your energy field
  • Genetstsu-Ho to bring down fever
  • Gedoku-Ho to reduce toxins

You have lots of hands on healing practice using standard Reiki hand placements to help heal the entire body of dis-ease. You receive a Reiki 1 manual which covers all the material we discuss and more.

When you leave this class, you feel confident and competent to perform hands on healing.

You are encouraged to come back to a monthly Reiki healing share to further develop your skills and confidence using Reiki and to develop friendships with others on the Reiki path of healing and spiritual development.

ONE DAY CLASS: 8:30am-7:30pm (3 breaks)

  • $175 includes comprehensive Reiki class folder and Reiki1 certificate
  • Refresher: $85 includes Re-attunement
  • Class size: small & personalized

Class Dates

Other dates arranged upon request
Private classes upon request.
april 30th 2011, may21th 2011
NCCAOM 6 PDA Provider# ACHB:983-001
Most dates are for classes in Minneapolis Mn unless otherwise indicated or requested
$75 reserves your space.
Deposit is non-refundable, but can be re-applied to any class date.

Reiki 1 monthly attunement classes

  • sunday oct. 20th
  • sunday nov, 17th
  • choose one of these dates for your reiki 1 attunement.
Call me if you need another date, we can work something out.

How to prepare for your class

I recommend a time of preparation and cleansing during the three days immediately before your attunement. Listen to your inner guide/ healer !
  • Eliminate meat, fowl and fish for 3 days-try not to eat these and other foods that might contain antibiotics and hormones.
  • Fast on water or juice for 1-3 days. This is especially helpful if you are a vegetarian or have experience fasting.
  • Cut down or stop caffeine use, including chocolate. Plan not to use any during the attunement day.
  • Eliminate alcohol and other non-prescription drugs for 3 days.
  • Cut down or stop using sweets.
  • Cut back on smoking.
  • Meditate each day for half an hour, in whatever way seems best to you.
  • Let go of TV, newspapers, radio. Instead, attend to messages from your senses and from within.
  • Take meditative walks, re-engage with nature, exercise moderately.
  • Smile a lot! Allow yourself to let go of worry& and strong feelings- perhaps imagine them flowing out into a bubble of golden white light above your body. Allow yourself to experience your sacredness.
  • Try to leave transition time between your last task and the training session.

When given a Reiki-Attunement, you will join others who have used Reiki- to heal themselves, each other and the Earth-for thousands of years. You will also receive help from the Reiki guides and other spiritual beings who also work towards these goals.

After class you may want to:

  • Plan quiet activities for the rest of the day.
  • Continue to use the above guidelines to assist you in your self-care.

What to bring:

  • Notebook, pencil & pen.
  • Your own beverage, I supply water and tea!
  • Wear comfortable, casual clothes and slippers.
  • Bring a bag lunch.

Reiki 2 Okuden

Japanese Reiki techniques of the Usui System

Practitioner’s degree

Reiki 2 is recommended for:

  • Professional practitioners. Those who would like to work professionally with the public as Reiki Practitioners.
  • Those who would like to increase their healing and intuitive abilities as professional Reiki Practitioners.
  • For those feeling drawn into a deeper sense of healing and emerging self-identity.
  • For those who would like to partake in global healing.

Reiki 2 opens additional energy centers and connects to a higher and greater volume of Reiki energy.

During the course you are given three sacred symbols, each having a specific function. These symbols than can be used as a focus to enable you to strengthen Mental and emotional healing and to send absentee healing.

In Reiki 2 you will receive an attunement.

The energy attunement is greatly amplified and focuses on the etheric body rather than the physical.

As a result of the attunement you will develop great sensitivity and a psychic awareness also has the greatest effect on the subtle body also know as the aura.

Techniques taught will enable you to:

  • Focus the energy on the release of mental and emotional blocks
  • Focus your mind to enable to send Reiki energy beyond time and space and thus bring about effective absentee healing.
  • Reiki 2 Course Outline

    The Reiki 2 is a one day course approximately 8-9 hrs. and covers the following:

    • Question and answers from your experiences with Reiki1
    • Meditation
    • Review of Reiki history
    • Reiki 2 attunement
    • Reiki 2 symbols and learning to draw and activate
    • Absent healing techniques to use and partake in healing session
    • Empowering and healing events (past and future)
    • Hands on practical healing sessions
    • Uses of the symbols scan body and aura of energy blockages
    • Sharing Reiki
    • Practicing Reiki professionally in public, how to maintain healthy boundaries
    • Learn how to perform a spiritual clearance
    • Case studies
    • Question and answer
    • Meditation
    • Award of certificate

    Note: For the Reiki 2 course you will need to bring a photo of someone you wish to send distant healing, with permission.

    You are encouraged to give yourself a Reiki treatment every day for 30 days following the completion of this course for the same reason outlined in Reiki 1.

    Reiki 2 will provide the necessary training and discipline required for you to heal publicly as a Reiki practitioner if this is your attention.

    On the completion of this course you will receive an Illustrated Reiki Manuel, the second degree Reiki certificate as well as ongoing support and advice.

    Please prepare the same as in Reiki 1 or the 21day detoxification period. Bring paper, pencil, photo and healthy snack.
    Wear comfortable clothing.

    Reiki 2 Attunement fee is $340
    Please send $100 to pre register.
    Non refundable but can be applied to any Reiki attunement course.

    The secret of inviting happiness, the spiritual medicine for all illness.

    Just for today, do not get angry
    Do not worry
    Express your thanks
    Be diligent in your work
    And be kind to others.
    Do Gassho and repeat them in the mind at the beginning and the end of each day.


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