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Testimonial 1

As a commercial airline pilot, I constantly have to deal with jet lag issues. I have been associated with Sabrina since 2004 and her knowledge and expertise have usually made my jet lag episodes disappear within 12 hours of a treatment with acupuncture. Often less. As I often fly outside of the U.S., I can find myself many hours off of my normal sleep cycles and her treatments help immensely. I have noticed that without treatments, it can take up to 4 days to get back to normal. I recommend it to all the pilots ( and passengers) I know. Acupuncture is the first thing I do when I get off of a long trip. I love it. --- R. Brown ---

Testimonial 2

After surgery on my broken elbow I was not getting the energy flow I needed thru my arm. I saw Sabrina for several treatments to get the blockages opened and the healing kickstarted. She used her exercised her mastery on my elbow and my entire body and my rehabilitation was significantly shorter than normal according to my physical therapist. --- J. Brown ---

Testimonial 3

I have been a patient of Sabrina for about a year. My health and outlook have improved greatly. People who I haven't seen in a while tell me how healthy I look. My treatments of Acupuncture, herbs and supplements have helped me tremendously. Sabrina is a wonderful practioner and a true healer.
--- Phil Karol ---

Testimonial 4

There is something very special about Sabrina Miller and her clinic. I've traveled the world and it is always a blessing when you come across people like her. I met Sabrina in my "back-yard" at Minnehaha Park. I was going through a breakup and suffering from depression at the time and I felt as if she was an angel sent to me from above. She is an amazing HEALER and TEACHER and has helped and taught me so much about living my best life. I really appreciate the meditations that she would give me to work on during my acupuncture treatments. I have tapped into my inner and universal energies through the study of Reiki with her and loved her BELLY DANCING classes. She has helped me with differnt herbal supplements when conventional western pharmaceuticals were not doing the trick. She has a genuine heart and heals the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.
--- Niki B. Mpls,Mn ---

Testimonial 5

Hey Fabulous Birth Women-

This is the newsletter of my accupuncturist. She is an amazing healer, I have been personally seeing her for more than six years, since before my oldest son was born. She has helped me personally with anxiety, hormonal issues, back problems, sinus problems, and boosting my immunity to overcome normal bouts of cold and flu much more rapidly. I feel that she has a special ability to work with women, every friend I have referred to her has also reported outstanding results.

Sabrina undestands and values the sacredness of pregnancy and birth, I had the honor of doula-ing with her at the birh of her grandson this spring. Sabrina's knowledge of herbs, accupressure, and emotional support created a soothing and nuturing environment for her daughter to give birth in, it was truly an honor to attend with her.

Please consider referring your clients to Sabrina if they are looking for alternative care during their pregnancies. Sabrina also teaches "Goddess Divine" dance classes which are ideal for pregnant women to in touch with their inner divinity, as well as learn useful pelvis opening moves that can help during labor. She will be at the BBC fundraiser doing chair massage, and offering a short demonstration of belly dance for birth.

Thanksfor your time, happy birthing!
--- Meg Novak, birth/pp doula, (CD) DONA ---

Testimonial 5

As a person living with HIV for almost 14 years, I use acupuncture to balance energy, manage stress, and strengthen my immune system. It has greatly improved my liver condition with almost no pain or swelling flare ups. When I started developing peripheral neuropathy, as a medication side effect, acupuncture has reduced the pain to almost non existent right after the first treatment. I feel my weekly maintenance sessions are a vital part of my continued good health.

Sabrina as a practitioner is a warm and caring person, easy to develop into a working friendship with. A highlight of my week to spend a relaxing, healing bit with her. I highly recommend trying a few sessions, and you will see for yourself.
--- Dan G. ---

Testimonial 6

Being reluctant to this holistic practice, I wasnít sure what to expect. The first experience was quite interesting. Thinking that this was something of discomfort. However, there was no discomfort! I was thoroughly relaxed. It was a quite a nice experience. I had been recovering from pneumonia and was fatigued and wheezing constantly. After my first treatment I started feeling better. I made a second appointment. Three days later and I am feeling a lot better. Besides the relaxing quality I am able to breathe more freely. Iím starting to get my energy back. I plan on continuing this as a regular part of my treatment to a better life!

Thanks Sabrina.
--- Jim Kirby ---

Testimonial 7

Client Jan says about Sabrina: I asked Sabrina if she could do something about a cyst on my head that has persisted for years, even after an operation to supposedly permanently get rid of it. She said she would do what she could. After seeing her for a few months, the cyst was gone!

Thanks Sabrina.
--- Janet N. ---

Testimonial 8

Sabrina Miller is a wonderful healer. She has helped me with several conditions--chest cold/flu, tennis elbow, back ache and digestive problems. She has given me much help in how I can better heal myself nutritionally, as well as build up my immune system. I recommend her highly.
--- Barb Huwe ---

Testimonial 9

What an amazing blessing to find Sabrina and her acupuncture clinic. I have searched for an acupuncturist who truly felt like a good fit for 8 years now in my quest to find a holistic way of treating anxiety, depression and GI issues. It was important to me to find a treatment without medication and their myriad side effects.

The moment I walked into Sabrina's clinic, it just felt right. She is so warm and inviting, yet professional and incredibly knowledgeable. Every treatment feels like you're going to see a dear friend. Sabrina is a wealth of information on traditional Chinese medicine. I learn so much about health and nutrition and herbs every time I see her. She's one of those people you could just follow around all day in hopes of absorbing some of her knowledge. She truly and genuinely cares about you as a whole person; treating the cause and not just the symptoms as some western medicine does.

Literally after my first treatment, I had significantly less bloating, no dizziness , no heart palpitations, no headaches. And I didn't feel as heavy and weighted down. I can safely say I have finally found the right acupuncturist and I would highly recommend Sabrina to anyone looking for an alternative to health and wellness.
--- KS, Minneapolis ---

Testimonial 10

I came to see Sabrina because of ischemic colitis (lack of blood flow in the colon). I've used laxatives and stool softeners most of my life and fluctuated between periods of diarrhea or constipation. It became so bad there were days I was afraid to leave the house or times when it would up to two weeks before I would have a bowel movement.

I can't believe the difference since I've begun treatments with Sabrina! I am now "regular" without using any laxatives or stool softeners. I don't have the bloating or cramping I've lived with so long and I feel fantastic! I've also lost weight and feel less anxious. I have honestly not felt this good in over 25 years.

I like that Sabrina has helped me by not just treating my symptoms, but using a holistic approach. I'm so grateful for her help and would definitely recommend her to anyone!
--- SK - St Paul, MN ---

Testimonial 11

Late September of 2014, I could not take it anymore. My knees, riddled with Arthritis, were causing me so much pain that I could barely walk around the block. My weight ballooned and I was miserable.

I stumbled upon St. Sabrinaís studio, not far from my house and she has changed my life! With weekly Acupuncture treatments herbal supplements I am down almost 50 pounds and pumping our 30 mile bike rides with ease.

The arthritis is still there but manageable and minimal pain.

I truly believe that under her care, I am now leading a life that is full of life, fun and pain free freedom.
--- Susan - Minneapolis ---

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